OptionsHouse & tradeMONSTER are Joining Forces.
As part of the plan to join these two great brokerages, the tradeMONSTER platform and website have moved to OptionsHouse.com. Don't worry, you're getting the same great platform you're used to, but now at a better value with superior customer service.
Current Customers
To log in or manage your account, please visit OptionsHouse.com, simply select "Launch Trading" for the platform or "Manage Account" for account management. From there, you will input the same username and password you've always used. Please note that the tradeMONSTER website will be discontinued in the near future, so don't delay getting used to the exceptional trading experience of optionshouse.com.

New Customers
If you're a new customer, please visit OptionsHouse.com to open a new account and start trading on an award-winning platform at a value that's hard to beat. Get ready now and begin taking advantage of all the new benefits of the joining of tradeMONSTER and OptionsHouse.

OM Securities, LLC and OptionsHouse, LLC, as separate but affiliated companies, recently joined forces to bring together the best of each company. OM Securities, LLC, formerly doing business as tradeMONSTER, is now doing business as OptionsHouse.
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