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Brick by Brick is how you build a world class football program, but it's also how you build a solid investment strategy. Doing things the right way with consistency, discipline, focus and training leads to success on the field and in the markets.

tradeMONSTER is honored to be the sponsor of the Minnesota Gopher Brick by Brick program and is happy to offer Golden Gopher fans and alumni the investment platform ranked best for new investors, best web based trading platform and best platform for option traders as well as best for option traders four years running*.

With a combination of an industry leading web based platform and award winning mobile applications, you can take the power with you anywhere anytime to consistently stay on top of the markets.


The key to success on the field is hard work, preparation and determination. The same is true with investing which is why tradeMONSTER offers paperTRADE. The paperTRADE system allows you to practice online stock and option trading without risk.

Similar to preseason practices and scrimmages, you will hone your skills, learn new techniques and gain experience before stepping into the markets for real, where it really matters.

In addition, our free online webinars and education allow you to learn at your own pace, pick up new strategies and develop new skills.

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All athletes and traders need discipline on the field.

tradeMONSTER offers tradeCYCLE integrated throughout the platform. This disciplined approach to investing teaches the valuable skills needed to consistently do your homework, define your strategy, test the strategy and execute your trade.

Most importantly, tradeCYCLE will help predefine your exit strategy to maintain your trading discipline. Like a team's game plan, the key is discipline, execution and focus. tradeCYCLE helps traders keep their eye on the ball and stay focused.

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No team steps on the field without researching the competition. In investing research is a key component as well.

tradeMONSTER's suite of tools allow you to identify opportunities in the market and take advantage of those opportunities to invest in a more disciplined way.

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Dedication and determination on the field are just the start. Every successful team has to execute each and every play. Traders with a disciplined approach enter the market in an intelligent way and execute on their strategy. tradeMONSTER is dedicated to high quality customer service and superior speed and execution quality.

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