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Looking to connect your system to our “Best for Options Traders” trading platform? Right this way... we have two options:


tradeMONSTER’s award-winning trading application uses an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) application programming interface to communicate between the servers and the desktop client. Our XML API
is also available for tradeMONSTER customers who have, or want to create, their own desktop applications.

The XML API supports many transaction types, including:

  • Order entry for equities, options, mutual funds and option spreads
  • Option strategy recognition
  • Option chain retrieval
  • Historical price charts – for both equities and options
  • Retrieve account balances for multiple accounts
  • Retrieve Position details
  • Retrieve snapshot quotes and/or subscribe to streaming quotes
  • Retrieve all orders for an account / Retrieve fundamental data


tradeMONSTER offers a FIX application programming interface for
clients wishing to connect their computer system to tradeMONSTER’s back end to send and receive transactions. The FIX API is appropriate
for use by clients using either proprietary or commercial trading software that supports the FIX protocol.

With the FIX API, you can:

  • Access multiple tradeMONSTER accounts via a single FIX session
  • Send and manage orders for equities, options and mutual funds
  • Send and manage option spread orders up to 4 legs in size
  • Receive execution reports
  • Retrieve account balance information
  • Retrieve position details
  • Deliver ‘drop copies’ of done trades