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Trading Tools for Every Investor

Discover the power of the integrated tradeCYCLE tool set within the tradeMONSTER platform

Our web-based platform allows trading from anywhere, anytime. Each tool assists traders in approaching the markets with the knowledge and discipline to be successful.

Click any stage of the tradeCYCLE to see additional tools:

Do Your Homework

  • Real-Time Streaming Quotes & Charts

    A quote isn't real-time unless it's moving! tradeMONSTER quotes are always streaming, always real-time. Watch-lists, charts, action windows, analytics, option chains, and trade tickets ALL stream in real time, all the time.

  • Fundamental Report Cards

    At-a-glance key fundamentals are summarized and detailed analysis is available in comprehensive reports. Use our relative rankings to get insight into the fundamental health of a company compared to its peers.

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  • Technical Analysis

    Check out our technical analysis offerings including automatic technical pattern recognition, technical scans, and technical alerts.

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  • liveACTION Scanner

    liveACTION is a powerful scanner of streaming quotes, volatilities, and other metrics in real-time to find action and opportunities in the market. Find unusual activity, anomalies in volatility, fundamentally healthy companies and technical patterns with over 100 live preset scans.

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  • Custom Scans

    Find the stocks that meet your criteria in real-time. Create and save your own scans using our streaming database of quotes, volatilities, statistics, and fundamentals.

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  • Fund Center

    ETF and Mutual Fund search, rankers and screeners along with top notch Lipper research are available in our Fund Center. Plus, there’s never a commission on the sale of a mutual fund!

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  • Bond Trading Center

    Discover what is available in the fixed income market: US treasury, agency, corporate, and municipal bonds integrated into our platform with streaming quotes.

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  • paperTRADE™

    Practice investing without risking hard-earned money. Virtually trade stocks, options, covered calls, iron condors, or any strategy you can imagine through a paperTRADE™ account.

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  • Custom News Feeds

    Customize the news you see by selecting what feeds you want and by adding your custom news feeds.

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  • Twitter Integration

    tradeMONSTER is fully integrated with Twitter! View Twitter posts in your news feed and link your Twitter account to reply to posts or to tweet your trades or ideas.

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  • Research Lab

    OptionMONSTER‘s team of analysts saves you time by marking up bullish and bearish events on stocks, tracking thematic stock groups, citing unusual activity and making technical multi-point analysis easy.

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  • IV and HV charting

    Add volatility to the equation when analyzing a next move in the market with our own implied and historical volatility charts.

  • Implied Volatility Constellation

    Perfect for option traders, the IV constellation shows streaming implied volatility by expiration versus historical averages.

  • Option and Option Spread Charts

    Chart options and option spreads for better research into the historical price movement of these strategies.

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  • Back Testing via Partners

    Automated back testing is available to customers via integrated systems and tools provided by our partners.

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  • Earnings Calendar

    Discover which companies are reporting soon with the new Calendar tool. The upcoming earnings, both confirmed and estimated, are shown and segregated by whether they report pre-market or after the close.

Discover & Craft Strategies

  • strategySEEK™

    Go from symbol to strategy in 3 easy steps. Simply input forecasts and risk priorities and this powerful tool scans thousands of option strategies for the ones most appropriate to the specified criteria.

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  • spreadMAKER™

    Build option spread trades quickly, efficiently, and easily using drop-down boxes, available expiration dates, and strike prices and see changes to the risk graph and quote instantly while creating a trade.

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  • spreadMAKER™ Custom

    Create your own custom spreads and see streaming quotes and risk profiles update dynamically. Create an order ticket for your spread in one click or do a thorough analysis of it in the tradeLAB™.

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  • Spread Pricing in Option Chains

    Select a strategy and customize it with any combination of expirations, widths or wingspans to view your spread in the option chain. See streaming quotes and risk metrics on your spreads and you are always only one click from an order ticket.

Test the Strategy

  • Trade Simulation

    The Trade Simulator allows one to use a current portfolio and simulate the effect of adding a "fake" stock or option position. This educational tool allows for practicing new strategies with an existing portfolio.

  • Snapshot Analysis

    Analyze risk vs. reward. In one click, see the potential profit and losses and their probabilities, probability for any profit, the risk/reward ratio, a risk profile graph, key data such as the date of the next earnings announcement, and more.

    Snapshot Analysis is part of tradeLAB™, part of our proprietary set of analytic tools.

  • Spectral Analysis™

    Analyze strategies, featuring a colored Spectral Map, allowing one to see how an option strategy profits and losses between today and expiration for any move in the underlying stock. Probabilities, risk metrics and gains are at your finger tips with these easy to use tools.

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  • Leg by Leg Volatility Forecasting

    Dive deeper into a new or existing multi-leg strategy to perform “what-if analysis” on changes in Implied Volatility for each leg of your spread.

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  • Enhanced Analysis

    Expand the charts in the tradeLAB™ to see larger views and now analyze 6 more metrics including market gain, percent market gain, and option risk metrics (the greeks).

  • Streaming Analytics

    From your positions to the option chain, all performance and risk metrics are streaming. See delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho, various implied volatility calculations, gain metrics and more stream within the platform in real time.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Benchmark your portfolio or group of portfolios against any index or security and stress test your holdings against price moves, volatility moves or time passing.

  • Portfolio Filter

    Easily customize your view of a portfolio or group of portfolios. View holdings, performance and risk by subsets of symbol(s), asset classes, tags or expiration for incisive analysis.

Execute the Trade

  • Hot Ticket

    Submit orders faster to the marketplace directly from any quote on the option chains, watch-lists, positions or the quote header with this quick tool.

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  • Quantity Assistant

    Easily calculate order quantities using holdings, buying power, buying power percentages, account value and more in any account or across any group of accounts.

  • Advanced Order Management

    Stay in control of your executions with sixteen different order types in combination with various automation methods. Manage your orders without cumbersome and error prone forms to fill out.

  • Bulk Order Actions

    Create, manage and execute or cancel multiple orders within the platform.

  • Chart Trading

    Trade directly from a stock, option or option spread chart with one click.

  • Hot Keys

    Turn on Hot Keys for extremely fast order creation and delivery to the market.

  • API

    For programmers, the platform offers API services that can be used to customize trading.

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  • ALGO Trading via Partners

    Algorithmic trading is available for those customers interesting in automating their trading through our partners.

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Plan Exit Strategy

  • Exit Plan™

    Designed to empower users to create exit strategies that help minimize potential losses and lock in potential gains. Set exits based on time horizon, profit target or stop loss and monitor exit points with on-screen messages and email alerts.

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  • Price Alerts

    Our patented tool intelligently groups option positions added to an account into defined strategies for superior management of performance and risk.

Adjust as Needed

  • Advanced Performance Tracking

    Experience the most dynamic performance tracking feature on the market today. This tool allows the creation of custom trade tags and much more to filter through current and past positions, viewing the performance of each.

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  • Automatic Strategy Grouping

    Our patented tool intelligently groups option positions added to an account into defined strategies for superior management of performance and risk.

  • Custom Grouping

    Automatically group positions based on strategy or create and name your own custom position groups. Simulated positions including stocks, puts, and calls can also be added to a group.

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  • Trade Tags

    The system automatically tags your trades and you can add your own custom tags to better track their performance and risk by any parameter set.

  • adjustTRADE™

    This powerful tool assists in creating an adjustment for a strategy up to, and including simply closing the position based on preferred goals. Use the results or modify them to quickly execute a trade.

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  • Risk Profile Overlays for Adjusting Positions

    Detailed risk profile graphs allow one to see how an adjustment to a strategy makes or loses money over time versus the original position. View Theoretical Price and Theoretical P/L at Expiry to better understand the impact of an adjustment idea.

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