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Premier Brokerage Solutions for Independent Investment Advisors

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  • Low Commissions on Trades
  • No Asset Minimums or Hidden Fees
  • Customizable User Experience
  • Dedicated Trader Support
  • Powerful Analytics

Are You Trading Multiple Accounts?

tradeMONSTER is an easy, flexible, and customizable trading platform for managing single or multiple accounts and account groups. Our browser based platform allows you to trade from anywhere.

Every tradeMONSTER securities account can access the innovative trading tools below.

Are You Using Options?

We can provide you with personal training on option education that will increase your option knowledge and improve your trading skills.

Educational training can be done via webinar, in person, or self-help tools through our platform, viewable on demand. We can also assist in educating customers in options trading.

Are You Adding Custodians?

If you are adding custodians or relocating your business from another custodian, we can help you move your accounts with a minimal paperwork burden.

During the transition, our team will support you to streamline the account transfer process.

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Call our Advisor Team at 866-799-0212 or request information via web form below.


Group Order Management

tradeMONSTER’s Group Order Management “Quantity Assistant” allows clients to quickly allocate an order across multiple accounts. This tool is designed for greater flexibility and functionality when placing group orders.

Easily specify which accounts receive orders and subsequently allocate to them using a variety of criteria including quantity, percentage of existing holding, buying power, buying power percentage, and account value percentage.  
The Quantity Assistant also enables the rebalancing of single positions to a target account value percentage. Enter a value for a specific account in the body of the table that will override the values as entered in the header for that particular account.

Existing holdings can be automatically added to using the quantity assistant for ease of closeout and rolling positions. The Quantity Assistant allows you to:

  • View the current holdings for securities in which the underlying symbol matches the current trade.
  • Modify, change, or delete current trade with just a few clicks.
  • Review existing positions an account holds in the same underlying security & display the quantity to be traded.
  • Create orders based on the quantity to be traded.

The Quantity Assistant also allows for quantities to be rounded up or down, or to the closest round lot with a single click of a button. Order management and positions are seamlessly integrated into the process. Manage positions and portfolios while executing trades.

This tool is a must-have for every investment advisor.

Customized Grouping for Account Management

Name each group for the ability to customize and oversee several client accounts.

Create group accounts based on account type, trading philosophy, performance, trade allocation, and any other associated similarities.

The platform offers the versatility of viewing client information in several ways. Using the “aggregate view” see displays of orders, positions, transaction history, balances, and performance for any group. View an individual account and specific criteria for any account. Grouping allows multiple custom accounts and managing by investment strategies, account types, or any common denominator. Save time and trade hundreds of accounts.

Quickly view and manage numerous accounts while having access to various techniques of searching for accounts for allocation, including buying power, percent of buying power, percent of account value or percent of net account value. Account Groups allow customization, naming, and organization of accounts by type, value, or variable criteria. Creating groups allows quick group placement and position management. Trade securities and distribute them within a group enabling while taking advantage of price discovery and market volatility.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis allows for viewing the risk characteristics of the equities and standard equity options in a portfolio as a whole. “What-if” analysis on the equity and standard equity option portion of a portfolio as a whole, permitting a view of the theoretical response to hypothetical moves in the market.

Portfolio Analysis enables viewing and managing portfolio risk in a few clicks. It allows for the display of the risk characteristics of any equity or equity option portion in a portfolio, and one may calculate a “What If” theoretical scenario for any equities or equity options in a portfolio. Portfolio Analysis also enables beta weighting against Benchmark indices such as SPX, DJI, NDX, RUT or any other equity.


Beta Weighting pools aggregate data across the various instruments held in a portfolio. The concept is based on a set of numbers called betas, each stock and index has a beta. Beta is the amount the stock or index will move relative to a move in the overall market, as represented by the S&P 500. For example, a stock with a beta of 1.5 will tend to move 1.5 % for every 1 % move in the S&P 500. The S&P 500 itself, has a beta of 1.

By default, portfolio analysis is done using the S&P 500 to weight securities against. However, one may choose another index or type in a stock or index symbol in the “Weighted vs.” field to change the entity against which the weighting is done. For example, one may see how a portfolio will move compared to movements in the Nasdaq, one would choose the “Weighted vs.” entity to be the NDX.

Risk Metrics

The Portfolio Analysis Risk Metrics shows a perspective on managing risk based on the option pricing model or “The Greeks.” It will allows the view of risk based on price sensitivity, changes in sensitivity, volatility sensitivity, interest rate sensitivity, and erosion of time.

Risk Profile

The Risk Profile thumbnail shows a graph of how the value of the portfolio will change given a move in the entity used to weight the portfolio. By default, this entity is the SPX (S&P 500 index), one may enter another index or stock if preferred. For example, if IBM is entered in the “Weighted vs.” field, the horizontal axis of the risk profile will be the price of IBM stock.


What-If scenario allows one to “stress test” a portfolio. One may input a combination of a price move, volatility move and amount of time elapsing and see the theoretical value of the portfolio under those conditions.

Block Trading

Simplified Block Trading streamlines the process of entering trades for client accounts while providing average pricing capability to reduce transaction costs for clients and/or advisors.

The trading platform is designed to trade multiple accounts with the same security and aggregate orders in a single block against an average price account. It automatically handles all share allocations in client accounts, pre-trade or post-trade. Allocate orders to accounts automatically or manually based on shares or percentage. Also, search for accounts to allocate according to buying power, positions and percent of account value.

Option Education

Before getting started trading options and choosing an option strategy, one must understand the intricacies of options and portfolio goals. Our trading professionals provide education on basic option strategies to more advance complex trading techniques. We teach, guide, mentor, and educate advisors in options trading, and how the use of options can add value to an existing portfolio or reduce risk and volatility in a portfolio. There are three strategies that can aid portfolio performance.

Protective Put

One option strategy is protective puts. This strategy is easy to learn and a great introduction into the option arena. The purchase of protective puts- buy puts against a long stock position – the client maintains a long stock and upward bias, and the put offers downside protection or insurance against further decline in the stock.

Covered Call

Covered Call writing is an income strategy in which you sell call options against long stock positions. This technique is considered to be the most conservative option trading strategy. The maximum profit is limited from a covered call and is realized if the stock price is above the strike price of the short call at expiration. Generally speaking, from there, the profit is locked in. Also, Covered Call writing lowers the cost basis of your long stock position. However, there is downside risk, if the underlying stock should decline in price. The premium received from selling the call reduces that risk, but only by a minimal amount. If the stock were to rapidly decline, you would begin to lose on the value of your adjusted cost basis of your long stock. Nevertheless, Covered Calls can usually make some profit even if the stock is unchanged or declines slightly in price, and can add value to your portfolio.


Collars, similar to the covered call, consists of selling a call, buying a put, and maintaining a long stock position. This strategy is great for reducing taxes, risk, and volatility in a changing market. Also, a collar will keep the stock price at a certain level, not fluctuating with the dynamics of the marketplace. Advisors can benefit from this strategy by reducing risk, as well as cost basis of the stock. They are also entitled to receive any dividends paid between now and the options expiration.

Subject Matter Experts

Each of our Subject Matter Experts are FINRA licensed professionals with knowledge, experience, and passion that have mastered the art of trading. Many have completed rigorous training program specifically focused on options trading. They have educated, guided, and taught others on understanding options.

Most bring over 20 years of financial services experience, with a few having successfully traded at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in some of the most volatile stocks and options pits. Our industry professionals also come from various investment management companies and regulatory agencies. They will assist with trading and help prepare for the intricacies of our on-line trading platform.

Our Subject Matter Experts are leaders, mentors, and educators that exhibit the highest level of expertise while delivering the level of support that our clients expect and deserve.


We provide personal training on our trading application to show how to customize the platform to meet specific trading and reporting needs. Training can be done via webinar or in person or via the self-help tools built directly in our platform that are viewable on demand. We also aid in training the customers of our clients.

Here are the some of the benefits of working with tradeMONSTER:

  • Cutting Edge Trading Platform with powerful analytic tools that can enhance trading acumen.
  • Educational training that helps navigate our trading platform with ease.
  • Demonstration webinars that allow our clients the flexibility of having live on-line tutorials.
  • Practice paper trading stocks and options.
  • Customizable experience with just a few clicks away.

Dedicated Support

tradeMONSTER is dedicated to serving and supporting our advisor clients. We have created, developed, established, and promoted processes to help us assist our clients in the most timely and efficient manner.

Whether one needs educational guidance, detailed explanations, or platform demonstrations, we are here. Our advisor professionals are available for mentoring sessions or client service meetings. We welcome and encourage all feedback to help us improve our service to advisors.

Please email any thoughts or suggestions to: or call Advisory Services Team at,
(866) 799-0212 Toll Free, (312) 488-4350, or (312) 253-4190.

Step-by-Step Assistance

tradeMONSTER’s advisor professionals provides assistance for professionals and their clients each step of the way.

To ensure a hands-on approach and a productive partnership all clients are assigned a dedicated relationship manager. This experienced manager serves as a single point of contact and oversees all service and operational needs. A manager will help with the account opening process, assist with transferring from another broker, and provide guidance for navigating the trading platform.

tradeMONSTER has built this service model with the flexibility to deliver administration and execution solutions that accommodate the customer’s needs. Our tools, resources, and support necessary to empower clients to take their business to the next level.

tradeMONSTER offers the following services:

  • Account Management
  • Branded statements and confirms
  • Automated fee Deduction
  • Performance Reporting

tradeMONSTER is committed to helping its clients grow their practice, reinforce their brands to existing clients, and introduce their business to new prospects. tradeMONSTER advisor services enables clients to manage their portfolios effectively to grow their business one step at a time.

Effortless Account Transition

Adding custodians or relocating business from another custodian is made easier with minimal paperwork burden on RIAs and their clients with tradeMONSTER’s assistance. Transitions should be efficient and effective, so advisors can get to work faster without disrupting their practice. During the transition, our dedicated team will assist to make certain the account transfer process advances without a glitch.

These professionals will plan each step of the course according to desired specifications; making a more simple transition and ease of move. We will also develop a time-line to keep track of the documents and furnish notifications when the forms are being processed, while providing ongoing support from start to finish.

The tradeMONSTER Advisor Services team will do everything possible to assist with a move for a seamless and smooth transition.

Expand Relationships

No asset minimums, low commissions, a great support system: tradeMONSTER is the perfect partnership for serious RIAs.

What distinguishes tradeMONSTER’s Advisor Services from the rest? The time and effort dedicated to RIAs to help them manage their business more efficiently, effectively, and at a lower cost.

At tradeMONSTER we take pride in understanding and identifying our RIAs needs and desired outcomes, especially independent RIAs who actively engage in investment selection for their clients. tradeMONSTER can customize an experience with low commissions and no asset minimums.

tradeMONSTER has been a recognized leader in on-line platforms for the last 4 years. We specialize in options trading and demonstrate this throughout all aspects of our business, from our dedicated professionals to educational offerings to our internally developed trading platform and proprietary trade analysis tools. Our success in delivering the right offerings to the retail trader has put us in the #1 spot in Barrons’ rankings of Best for Options Traders and it is this recognition that we would like to leverage to attract Registered Investment Advisors.

We strongly believe establishing a partnership with tradeMONSTER can add substantial value to any Investment Advisory business through customized support, pricing models, and the ability to use derivative strategies to manage risk and/or generate income.

RIAs interested in working with tradeMONSTER should contact Advisor Services today.

No Transfer Fees

Transfer your existing brokerage account and get up to $250 back!

That’s right…No Transfer Fees, Hidden Fees or Platform Fees. Simply open a new account and complete the Automated Customer Account Transfer (ACAT) Form and fax or email it. Make sure the transferred account is the same type of account created at tradeMONSTER. Generally speaking, the transfer process takes 7-10 business days to complete. Once the transfer is complete, send a copy of the transfer receipt or the last statement showing the account transfer fees charged by a former broker and we automatically reimburse up to $250 for each individual client or per family of accounts.