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You’ve Tried Better. Now Trade With The Best. See Why Thousands Of Stock & Option Traders Choose tradeMONSTER.
    Customize Your Trading Interface

    It's your trading platform, customize it the way you want it! Drag and drop your mini account view, positions, watchlist, news, orders, messages and marketview to customize the screen the way you want it. Change your background color, set your trade quantities, notifications, alerts, settings and more! Learn More

    Professional Grade Trading Tools

    Every tradeMONSTER customer receives free access to streaming quotes, charts and option chains as well as a professional grade scanner, strategic exit planning tools, advanced performance tracking tools, robust technical analysis tools and much more! Learn More

    Stock & Options Trading Made Easy

    Build spreads quickly and easily with our innovative spreadMAKER tool. You can build and edit different spreads using drop-down boxes, expiration dates and strike prices. Every stock and options order is one click from anywhere on the screen making it easier and faster to trade! Learn More

    Analyze Trading Strategies

    Analyze your risk/reward and visualize how your option strategy experiences profits and losses between the now and expiration for any path the underlying might take before you place your trade! With one click navigation you can then alter or trade any trade idea. Learn More

    Platform & Investing Education

    Learn how to set up watchlists, customize your layout, create alerts and more through videos, webinars and mentoring sessions. Education is essential when learning to trade stocks and options which is why we're proud to announce that Barron´s gave us 4½ stars in education in their recent broker review. Learn More

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